Overcoming Learning Difficulties
Overcoming Learning Difficulties 


Hamish, 11 year-old, Focus and Attention Difficulties, Musselburgh, February 2018


"Once upon a time there was a boy called Hamish. He was a nice boy but sometimes he would find it hard to concentrate at school. This would often get him into trouble. Then his mum offered him an opportunity to do the Raviv programme with Karen.

I thought it was very helpful and I am more relaxed in class. It now means I am more able to learn.

I thought it was a great experience. I would highly recommend it."

Hamish, Dyslexic, Jedburgh, August 2016


Great to receive positive feedback about the continued progress Hamish has made since completing his Raviv programme in October 2010!!!


Jacob, 6 year-old, Focus and Attention Difficulties, Cupar, September 2016


"My favourite activity is the Magic Tray. It's just like playing a game. I enjoyed working with Karen, she is very kind, patient and funny." 

Chloe, 11 year-old, Dyslexic, Broxburn, February 2016

"My first session with Karen, I done my walk for 10 minutes, then got homework set and it was a pattern drawing, I done a letter on the board, I had to pass a ball to Karen and it was up to certain number, then I had to guess things that were on the tray that had been hidden and then I got to do it to Karen. When I do my walk I choose a movie and these are the ones I have watched Jhonny englihsh, robots, narnia 1, narnia 2, narnia 3. Then I finished and my mum came to pick me up and before we left Karen showed my mum what I had to do. Then I went back home and it took an hour. I used to go every Tuesday but now I go on Saturdays.

I like Karen because she is funny, has helped me, nice, caring and lots more! My favourite thing I like that I do with Karen is when I do my walk."

Nishant, 9 year-old, on Autism Spectrum, Edinburgh, November 2015

"Karen wants games. I played Snakes and Ladders. I enjoyed throwing a ball and doing numeracy. I enjoyed playing hide-seek with Karen."

Ayham, 11 year-old, Maths & Short-term Memory Difficulties, Glasgow, October 2015

"Raviv Scotland is an excellent programme as it helps you to unlock your potential.

My name is Ayham, I started Raviv Scotland programme because I had difficulties with times tables, remembering things and lots more. This programme has been a roaring success as my skills on blowing a balloon have advanced so much over these 6 months. I find Raviv very helpful because if I didn't start this programme, I would still be putting my hand up every second in maths. One more thing that Raviv has helped me with is expanding my imagination. I used to only write half a page in story writing, but now I can write at least two pages of interesting action.

During this programme, it is very important to do your homework and it is also very easy to forget to do it, so this is why Karen gives you a table to fill out so that it is not so confusing. The 8 walk is one of the things that you get for homework. It helped me with multi-tasking and concentration. Another thing that I got for homework was shapes like triangular faces and swirls. I soon realised that all these funny shapes can actually help me to draw a beautiful picture."

Emma, 11 year-old, DCD, Maths Difficulty, Glasgow, March 2015

"I've had a great experience with Karen. She has helped me through school also I am better at things, example: swimming and Tae Kwan Do and I've also been better at homework and reading." I feel more confident and my mum said I am calmer now. Every morning I do my walk for 20 minutes and it feels easier than it did at the beginning. Karen has been a great teacher, I will miss her, but I won't need her help any more because I can do more things by myself. Before starting any homework I do my balloon breathing and also at night time I do OM breathing. I will keep doing breathing exercises even when I finish with Karen.

I got a commendation for being the Most Improved Learner at school.

I would like to thank Karen for helping me be a more confident person.

Emma xxx"

Andrew and Jim are twins at opposite ends of the Autism Spectrum, they both made amazing progress on the Raviv programme overcoming multiple difficulties:

Andrew, 12 year-old, Autism, APD, Reading, Numeracy, Attention, Fine Motor Skills Difficulties, Glasgow, Feb 2015

"Dear Karen

It has been fun with you. I will miss you very much. My fun part of the days with you was The Tray Game, it was funny because I took all the stuff off the tray. I liked getting stickers. I will miss Karen so much."

From sincerely Andrew

Jim, 12 year-old, Autism, APD, Comprehension, Memory, Numeracy Difficulties, Glasgow, Feb 2015

"When I first started going to Karen's I felt nervous because I didn't know what to expect. My favourite part of the programme was The Tray. My least favourite part was the walk.

I feel upset that it has come to an end because I will miss Karen.

I enjoyed getting stickers from you and also for my teddies."

Yours sincerely Jim

Deirdre Adult Dyscalculia, Edinburgh, Sept 2014

"Had self-diagnosed dyscalculia further to research and reading done some years previously, when many of the themes in an article rang true. But, nothing to be done at the time. Kept it to myself, though there being a definition did feel reassuring. Another pressured period which had caused me to feel particularly incapable of organisation and chronically forgetful, brought me round to looking at dyscalculia again - with Raviv coming up this time.



I was enthused about the potential benefits and from the initial discussion. I wasn't sure what to expect from the technique - perhaps anticipated it to feel more overtly 'scientific' or classroom like, with assessments and maths problems. (Which of course there were, but in such a relaxed way I didn't notice!) Steeling myself for that - unnecessarily!


The Process

I liked the physical element of the tasks, the warm-up and walk and the 'distractions' with the gentle background music. Also the structure with variety.

The tasks all felt fun - even the ones broaching things I would normally dread (e.g. rote tables, memory tests)

The atmosphere was always non-judgemental, thus taking the pressure off completely. This same atmosphere also meant I didn't feel like a self-conscious wally doing "kids games".

I found the walk meditative and have felt frustrated on the few occasions when I've not managed to fit it into a day.

George 7 year-old Dyslexia, Edinburgh, June 2014

"I liked the DVDs. I liked the memory game."


George's Mum and Dad commented:

"To Karen

A big thank you for helping George grow in confidence within writing, reading and in himself!

We've appreciated all the hard work! Thank you again."

Beth 10 year-old Learning problems, Earlston, February 2014

"When I first started I was nervous. I daydreamed at school. I liked walking and watching DVDs my favourite one was Mamma Mia. I liked doing the memory game and the shopping game. It was funny when I said the wrong word. I feel a lot more confident and I will miss coming."


Beth's Mum commented:

"Thank you so much for the support and help you have offered Beth. Her confidence and belief in herself is so much better and she has had lots of fun during her sessions."

Mazin 6 year-old Autism, Glasgow, March 2014

Dear Karen

I do 3 things every Sunday: miss you, miss you and miss you.

From Mazin

Georgia 11 year-old Dyslexia & Dyscalculia, Jedburgh, December 2013

"I have had so much fun with Karen, she helped me with my reading, writing and my riding!

I think my riding and jumping has improved, I can remember my cources easyer.

My walk helps me concentrate on things as I used to daydream a lot. My left hand is more useful.

My lessons have been really fun and I really enjoy it.

Thank you Karen!

(P.S. My memory is definitly better when I concentrate).

I will miss you!"

Max 13 year-old Dyslexia & ADHD, Edinburgh December 2013

Max's Grandfather writes an update a year on:

"Dear Karen,

Thanks for all you did for Max. A year on he's coping well. I put up one of Max's faces (drawings from the Dysgraphia part of the programme) the other day as a reminder of our finding out on his iPad that Picasso was a Dyslexic as well and the greatest 20th century artist. R"


Max 12 year-old Dyslexia & ADHD, Edinburgh, December 2012

Max's Grandfather writes:

"Thanking you for being such a compassionate and caring person by helping Max to cope with his many learning challenges through the genius of 'Raviv' and your inspirational teaching skills."

Jess 9 year-old Dyslexia, Pathhead, June 2013

Jess's colourful letter:

"The thing I loved about going to the Raviv is getting to blow up a bloon (balloon) and the thing I didn't like about the Raviv is the long car journey because sometimes on the way I felt a little bit sick. Karen has helped me a lot with my dyslexia. Reading and writing is a lot more easier for me. I did not like reading before I went to Karen's but somehow over the 6 months I love reading and writing. It is my faverat thing to do at school.

I have loved waching (watching) all the movies when I do my waking (walking). My faverat movie was Mr Bean's holiday and Joney Englash. (Johnny English)

I have allso loved doing the letter on the wight (white) bord (board) and the shopping game that was the very best thing I liked about the Raviv.

Thank you so much Karen you have helped me so much. You have made things a lot more easier for me. You have been a big help and agen THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

From Jess XXX 

Isaac 7 year-old Dyslexia, Dumfries, September 2012

"I hate the hills on the journey they make me feel sick but it's cool because Karen's helped me so much with my work."


Isaac's Mum & Dad comment:

Dear Karen

"Thank you so much for all your help. Isaac has made great progress and we really appreciate all you have done for him."

Love & Best Wishes

George & Fiona

Angela, Mum to Nikki 11 year-old Dyslexia, June 2012

"Hi Karen, just to let you know that Nikki won an award for achievement this year at St Ronan's Primary. It was the Endeavour Quaich, She has made so much progress with reading." Angela (Raviv programme completed June 2011)

Murray 11 year-old DCD, ADHD, Dalgety Bay, June 2012



"Just before Christmas my parents told me that in January until the summer, I would be going to see a tutor called Karen in a place called Earlston every Saturday.

At first I wasn't very pleased because I liked going out with my friends on Saturday but soon got used to it.

The work I was given was called Raviv. I find it fun and it helps me to focus a lot more.

We did loads of things and I even got some homework from Karen to do, such as reading, poems and even worksheets. I was given an exercise to do which was a figure of 8 walk which I really enjoyed. What I did was to get four marker cones and put them on the floor and then walk round them while circling a ball round my body using my hands and watching TV.

I have really enjoyed Raviv and it has really helped me with my focus and concentration.

It took a long time to get to Earlston from where I live but I got used to it very quickly.

I would definitely advise anyone, do try it as it's great fun. I think it's a great system."


Blair 12 year-old Dyslexia, Kilwinning, May 2012

My name is Blair and I started the Raviv programme. It helped me so much that I feel 100% better. I have never felt so confident and I am looking forward to the Academy after the summer because I feel ready. So bring it on!


Allison Grandma to Blair and Callum, both dyslexic, Kilwinning, May 2012

Dear Karen

"Blair, Callum, Laura and myself would like to thank you very much for the time spent working to help the boys overcome their learning difficulties. We see a big difference and will promote the Raviv Method whenever possible."

Thank you Allison x

Brooke 12 year-old Dyslexia, Melrose, February 2011

Wonderful feedback from Brooke's Mum, 1st July 2011:

"Hi Karen hope all is well with you. Just thought you'd like to hear of Brooke's recent achievements as he's done really well. Yesterday at Leavers Assembly he was presented with the Brigadier Frank Coutts Memorial Award for outstanding effort at Melrose Primary School which we were really proud of. He also had an award at the football club for the most improved player in the under 12s and was in the winning relay team at the Mini Olympics at Tweedbank where Melrose were the overall winners. So he's had a great couple of weeks. Mostly though he's just really improved in his self confidence and is ready and eagerly awaiting High School. Brooke was keen to let you know all his good news. Thanks again for your input I'm sure it's all helped. Leigh and Brooke:-)"

"I found Raviv really helpful and think it improved my work and made more stuff clearer. My results from school have improved. I am glad I did Raviv."

Mark 14 year-old, dyslexia,

Livingston, November 2011


Josh 8 year-old, dysgraphia,

Strathaven, October 2011

Thank you for helping me with my writing.

Love Josh xx.

My Time with Raviv

"The worst bit was the journey. I enjoyed the walk, the memory game and working with Karen. I did not know what to expect at first, but soon became more confident and it has helped me with my school work."

Rory 12 year-old, dyslexia, West Linton, June 2011

"I started on the Raviv Programme to help me with my dyslexia and I did enjoy doing it. I went to my teacher called Karen and the place I went to was called Earlston, on a Thursday. Raviv really did help me because at the start I wouldn't read at night and I couldn't spell, as well as I can now, so if you do have dyslexia I would recommend to go to it. When I go it's for an hour. The homework you get from it is the 20 minutes of walking and then a reading exercise or writing exercise. I have really enjoyed doing this and it's helped me so that's the main thing about it. It is a bit far away from school and my house, so thank you for helping me through this mum."

Nikki, 10 year-old, dyslexia, Innerleithen, June 2011

Thank you!

David 11 year-old, dysgraphia, Edinburgh, June 2011

"Dear Karen
Even though it's a long way to come and I didn't like the bus journey, it's been worth coming to Karen because she has helped me so much. I love doing my walk to a DVD and practicing my ball skills, I can't quite believe that this is helping my school work! Coming to see Karen is great fun and she is kind and makes me feel confident. Thank you for helping me. Love from David X."

Louis 9 year-old dysgraphia,

Peebles, April 2011

Katy 16 year-old dyslexic, Jedburgh, January 2010

"When my mum first told me about then Raviv programme I honestly didn’t really want to do it, I thought it would make me feel worse about being different from my friends. I agreed to at least try it especially when I new I would get time out of school. After my first session I still wasn’t quite sure and did find it strange having to do the figures of eight every day, but by the second session I was starting to get more into it and it kept growing on me soon I started to enjoy doing my figures of eight as it gave me, me time and I could relax it also really improved my posture which me and mum are pleased about.

Ewan 11 year-old dysgraphia, Carluke, February 2011

Dear Karen
Thank you for helping me. My writing has got better and I can write faster. I can now read more easily and I have liked the books I read. I am happy because I won a quiz at school a week ago. Ewan


To Karen,
Thank you for all your hard work and arguing positiveness! Ewan has made steady progress and his reading and writing has improved considerably. He seems happier and less anxious about school. I also feel happier and feel I understand better how to help Ewan.
With very best wishes Fiona

 Max 10 year-old dyslexia, Haddington, April 2010

Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you have done with Max. We are incredibly grateful & so glad we read the newspaper article! We will highly recommend the programme. The programme has made the biggest impact on Max, despite six years of primary education. Kindest Regards Caroline.

Thought you might like the picture on this card! I had to write and thank you for helping me over the past six months. I feel Raviv has helped in a lot of ways and I am looking forward to the future. I will miss coming down for my session every week. When ever I have tests I feel more positive when doing them and know now I can do well. When being asked a question my mind understands it a lot quicker than before. I feel a lot more positive about myself now and would like to say a big thank you again.                                                                                                  Thank you Sophie X

Dear Karen                                                                                                                 Antony is having a good year in P7. He is much more confident. He has gone up a reading group and he is being told his homework is "excellent". This has never happened to him before. Thank you for your part in all this as I feel you were a turning point for him. He is expressing himself much more easily and is looking forward to secondary school. Hope you are well & all the best for 2011.            Love from Heather xxx “Thank you Karen. You have helped Antony when we thought we were at a dead end and given him a way forward – thank you." Edinburgh Family, 11 year-old Dyslexia.

Jemima, 12 year-old, dyslexia, Edinburgh, September 2010


Thank you so much for helping with the Raviv programme. It has really helped me with my homework and school work. I have become more confident about things and can do much more than I thought I could do. I really enjoyed coming down to the Borders every Saturday and after being with you going to lots of new places. The walk was quite tiring sometimes but Mum and Dad urged me on so I would do well. The homework when I had to draw was really fun - making up faces and shapes but I found remembering the poems quite hard but I managed. Overall I think that it has helped me A LOT!!!! and been really fun. Thank you soooo much for helping me. 

Lots of Love Jemima xxxx

P.S. I really love reading now!!!!

Jemima's Mum, Edinburgh, December 2010

Dear Karen                                                                                                                       Just a wee note to give you an update on Jemima, we had her first report at the end of term. We were delighted and although certain areas she still finds challenging she seems much more able to cope and work out ways around it. She has now started her 15th book since we finished the course and to see her pleasure in reading is so nice.                                                                                                            Kind Regards Kay                                                                                                              P.S. your course really has been a blessing.

Kiera 12 year-old dyslexia, Edinburgh, September 2010

To Karen                                                                                                                        Since I have been attending Karen I feel I have improved my reading skills and spelling. I feel I am much more confident in class when I'm asked to read out. The Raviv programme with the various exercises has made me more focused and better balanced. I am now more excited about picking up a reading book. Although the exercises needed commitment, I feel it has been worth it. Thank you very, very much for all your help and your kindness.                                               Lots of love Kiera

Hamish, 15 year-old dyslexia, Jedburgh, October 2010


Hi Karen

I have been doing the Raviv programme with Karen. Everyday I do the balloon and clock exercise then I do my 8 path walk watching T.V. When I first went to Karen's I couldn't read or spell and found Math hard. Karen made me do silly things and fun things too. I am so glad I did Raviv. It's helped me a lot with things like reading and spelling and it's helped my rugby a lot too. It will help me get into college to do what I want to do.

Linlithgow Mum, 15 year-old dyslexia, December 2010 


Hi Karen


I just thought I would email you to say how David got on in his recent prelim exams (when they eventually did them, as they were disrupted by the snow!). He did well in everything apart from Maths which he found difficult. His Maths teacher did say that the prelim exam was much harder than the one they get in May! He did his walk for 10 minutes on the morning of each exam and continued to do the balloon exercise before he did his revising which gave him some focus. I will keep in touch and let you know how his exams go. Pam

Linlithgow, David 15 year-old dyslexia, October 2010


During my Raviv Method sessions I was helped with my concentration. It has helped me with reading and spelling. The figure of 8 walk in front of the T.V. in the morning before school has helped me focus on the rest of the day and helps me with my homework.

My balance and co-ordination are better now and I am more organized and better at listening. My left hand is stronger and my number work has improved a lot. I am more organized in the morning when I get ready for school and I hope to do well in my exams at the end of November. I will continue to do the breathing exercises before I do my revision. David

Mum, 9 year-old dyspraxia, Edinburgh, March 2010


Hello Karen,
Karen has seen our 9 year old daughter each week from February 2009 through to the end of the summer. Our daughter suffers from dyspraxia and over the period has made some good progress. She has learnt to ride her bike and has been improving in her ability to catch a ball. At the start of the sessions she could barely catch an easy ball! She can now also blow up balloons and has recently taken up a musical instrument. Our daughter enjoyed her sessions and we all really felt Karen cared about her progress and improvements. Karen is very patient; dyspraxia is not something which in our experience necessarily disappears entirely but we are sure that Karen’s care and the Raviv programme has helped to improve the symptoms. There are no other practitioners who offer anything similar and I would recommend Karen and the Raviv approach to other parents who are hoping to see improvements in their child’s abilities.

Kind Regards


Murray 15 year-old Dyslexia, Edinburgh, March 2009:

"I have enjoyed working with Karen. The weekly sessions with her helped keep me on track throughout the programme. Karen giving me feedback on my progress helped me confirm some of the changes I could see myself." Read more

Aly 11 year-old Dyslexia, Edinburgh, September 2008:

"Before starting the Raviv Method my 11 year old daughter Aly struggled with reading and spelling. She also lacked any organisational skills. Always forgetting or leaving things to the last minute. After six months of figure of eight walks and one on ones with Karen, she is now into her fifth week of Senior one. My husband and I are amazed at her maturity, understanding of what has to be done and more importantly how to address it." Read more


Mum, 9 year-old dyslexia, Flackwell Heath May 2007


Dear Karen

Thank you so much for all the help you have given Jemima.

We really do appreciate it & I know Jemima will miss coming to you.                                        

Love Marian & Jemima

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