Overcoming Learning Difficulties
Overcoming Learning Difficulties 


Raviv, Fast ForWord® & Reading Assistant™
1. Raviv
Do the sessions have to be run over consecutive weeks?
The sessions should not be interrupted for more than 2 consecutive weeks during the programme. Regression can occur and additional sessions may be required to catch up.
What homework is involved?
20 to 25 minutes daily homework that can be done watching TV.
How often are the sessions held with the Practitioner?
Once a week for one hour.
What times are consultations/sessions held at?
Weekly sessions times will be arranged, where possible to suit you.
Logistics/variable work schedules can always be worked around, to make it work for you.
Please call to arrange a convenient time for your initial consultation.
Does the Practitioner assess for learning difficulties?
No, however Raviv looks at where the client is developmentally and works with them to take them forward.
How does Raviv work?
Raviv helps develop new more effective connections in the brain through the weekly sessions and daily exercise.
How long will it take to help ADD or AD(H)D?
  • Individual’s requirements will be discussed, as the length of the programme cannot be determined in advance.
Is there an age limit for starting the Raviv programme?
  • Raviv is suitable for pre-school children to adults.
What success rate do you have with Raviv?
  • I have a 90% success rate with clients to date.
What does it cost?
  • Please call or email for current fees.
2. Fast ForWord®
What is Fast ForWord®?
  • Fast ForWord® offers computer based programmes designed to help those with learning difficulties that are language based:
  1. Dyslexia
  2. Dyspraxia
  3. Auditory Processing Disorder
  4. Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  5. Asperger's Syndrome
How many days a week do I do the programme?
  • Students work on their programme for 5 days a week, the days do not need to be consecutive.
How long does my programme last?
  • The programme is initially pre-set to 30 minutes a day. As you progress, your programme will gradually increase.
How do I know where to start?
The programme is automatically laid out, based on the initial Reading Progress Indicator test carried out before you start.
How do I know if I am progressing?
Detailed reports will be sent regularly highlighting your progress. Any areas of difficulty will be reviewed and an appropriate intervention suggested to help you continue to progress.
How does Fast ForWord® help?
The Fast ForWord® Language and Literacy series helps build on the foundations of reading and language skills whilst improving memory, attention and processing speeds.
The Fast ForWord® Reading series is a reading intervention that increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills. The Reading series focuses on the five components of reading:
Phonemic awareness
Reading fluency
Reading comprehension
Is there an age limit for starting Fast ForWord®?
  • Fast ForWord® is suitable for children from 6 years to adults.
What does it cost?
  • Please call or email for current fees.
3. Reading Assistant™
What is Reading Assistant?
  • Reading Assistant™ is a scientifically-based intervention that combines advanced speech recognition technology with the latest reading science to help students strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension enabling them to become fluent, proficient, competent readers.
  • Reading Assistant “listens” to the student as he or she reads aloud, monitoring for signs of difficulty. The programme intervenes with assistance when the student is challenged by a word. Students re-read passages several times to build automaticity and are assessed to determine their level of skills.
  • Additionally, the programme automatically computes words correct per minute (a generally accepted measure of fluency). Reading material in Reading Assistant contains highly-illustrated selections grouped in topical clusters, many with a science or social studies theme. This organisation helps students build a body of knowledge and also to read common vocabulary in different contexts.
How many days a week do I do the programme?
  • Students work on the programme for 3 days a week.
How long does my programme last?
  • Students will be set on either the 20 or 30 minutes programme.
How do I know where to start?
  • The programme is automatically laid out, based on the initial Reading Progress Indicator test carried out before you start, then follow the steps:
Step 1:
  1. Preview and Read Silently
  2. Listen to a model reading
  3. Answer Guided Reading Questions with hints
  4. Use the interactive glossary to look up words
Step 2:
  1. Record My Reading
  2. Repeated Reading: The student reads aloud 2 or more times
  3. Coaching: Reading Assistant listens carefully, intervening with support when students struggle or make errors
  4. Listening: Students listen to their recording
Step 3:
  1. Take the quiz
  2. Students answer quiz questions that assess their comprehension using literal, inferential and critical thinking skills.
How does Reading Assistant™ help?
  • Reading Assistant helps students who have completed programmes in the Fast ForWord Language or Fast ForWord Literacy series, or who simply need help developing fluency. It can be run concurrently with programmes from the Fast ForWord Reading series.
  • When a student has difficulty reading a word, Reading Assistant provides a visual cue. If the student does not self-correct, the software intervenes by pronouncing the word.
  • Students can see their own progress and monitor their own improvement on reading selections.
  • Students improve reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension with this individualised coaching programme.
  • Every student benefits from reading practice, especially when it is combined with immediate support/feedback from a teacher. Reading Assistant™ is that teacher!
  • Raviv Scotland continuously monitors students' progress, customises instruction, and helps motivate students. Detailed reports pinpoint student learning needs with in-depth analysis of comprehension skills and strategies as well as level of thinking.
Is there an age limit for starting Reading Assistant™?
  • Reading Assistant is designed to be used those beginning to read, English language learners, and struggling readers who have attained basic word recognition and decoding skills and are now building their vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This includes students as young as Primary 1, all the way up to adults.
What does it cost?
  • Please call or email for current fees.

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