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Update 23/11/2020 - Online technology enables us to continue our Raviv training! With a few tools such as a whiteboard, whiteboard pens, space markers and a small ball, you can be ready to start your Raviv programme. Please call to discuss how you can engage in Raviv's online one-to-one weekly sessions: 07711 623605

"Raviv aims to enable all to unravel their challenges and to unlock their hidden potential" 

Fast ForWord Language and Literacy programmes continue as normal. 


Expert help overcoming learning difficulties


Fast ForWord is an online neuroscience programme that builds the brain’s learning capacity making learning easier and faster.


Reading Assistant an online reading tool using speech recognition to support and correct students reading aloud, building reading fluency and comprehension.

RAVIV METHOD - online sessions over Zoom or FaceTime are available. Please call Karen on 07711 623605 to discuss.  

The Raviv Method is one of the most exciting neuro-cognitive approaches to developing and correcting learning and attention skills in children and adults. 

Dyslexia (reading)

Dyspraxia (motor skills)

Dyscalculia (maths)

Dysgraphia (writing)




Auditory Processing

Asperger's Syndrome

Autism Spectrum

Stroke/Brain Injury



ADHD - Mum's progress report on her son, 19 years-old:

"Hi Karen

R did really well in his highers in 5th and 6th year (he got an A1 in his higher biology!!), so well in fact that he was successful in his application to Edinburgh University. He is now half way through his second year, studying Biomedical Science and just got a 2:1 in his last exam.
I have no doubt, that without Raviv, R wouldn't be where he is today.
Thank you once again Karen 
Warmest regards C"

Dyslexia - Mum's progress report about Mark, 14 years-old:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you gave Mark. He was and remains still a changed boy. He's nearly 17 now and there is no doubt in my mind that without you he would not have been as successful at standard grades last year. He got seven passes all five 1's and 2 twos. Before he came to you he couldn't write his Christmas list without help and a few lines of writing were painstaking for him. Now he's just gone into sixth year and is getting ready to apply for university all at the same stage as his peers. 

Dyspraxia - Dad's report  about Lewis, 10 years-old: 


"We were delighted with Lewis' overall development as a result of following the Raviv programme. His reading and writing abilities have improved significantly. Co-ordination much improved, better balance, faster at running. His confidence has been boosted greatly.





General difficulties with reading meant that Lewis was not keen to read.


Dyscalculia -Melanie, 21 years-old, My Experience

"As a child I was classed as a "daydreamer" and "stupid". My teachers at the time didn't know that I had Dyscalculia. I couldn't see numbers at all and numbers appeared to me as Arabic writing. For the duration of Primary School my parents tried numerous ways to help me cope with the maths work that kept being sent home with me.

I would sit for hours making no progress. At the time, no one had heard of Dyscalculia and my parents didn't have a name to put to what hindered my progress through school.

"I can go back to school again. I can do things that made me nervous."  (Prior to Raviv, Aaron could only cope with attending school on a part-time basis. He started attending school full-time towards the end of September 2012. In November 2012, he passed his exams in Maths and English).

Aaron, 14 years-old, Borderline Asperger's Syndrome

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