Overcoming Learning Difficulties
Overcoming Learning Difficulties 



I am Karen Wexelstein and I founded Raviv Scotland in January 2008, inspired by the amazing success my own dyslexic son had when he took part in the Raviv programme in 2006. Since then, I have embarked on the most fantastic journey, working with people, young and old, helping them to unlock their hidden potential. Without the intervention of Raviv, they may never have been able to achieve what they are truly capable of.

Raviv offers life-changing benefits to those completeing their programme.

I derive a great sense of achievement from being able to help people to learn to learn and overcome their learning difficulties. Learning is a two-way process and I am delighted to continue to learn from my clients' on a daily basis! I am inspired by the people I work with.

Clients' and their families become friends and it is wonderful to receive a wee note, card, email or text  giving me an update on their continued progress after the completion of their programme.


Developing the skills needed to benefit from learning.

Empowering people to build the mindset to succeed in education and beyond.

Creating the lifelong skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing 21st century.


Where the journey began, my testimonial November 2006:


Josh, my son who was 9 years 8 months old struggled with reading, handwriting and spelling at school.

The roller-coaster ride started at the beginning of January 2006 when Josh was moved down a group in numeracy at school. His self-esteem hit rock bottom.


Josh was attending small group tutoring for his 11+ test. (We were living in England, so this reflects the English school system).
At the parents' evening meeting, his tutor felt there was "something" not quite right.
The tutor had found that Josh was having great difficulty "seeing" letters within words to create new words such as "pound/our" take the U out and make pond/or.
Did she think he was dyslexic?
To be sure it was suggested that he should be assessed by an Educational Psychologist and to have his eye-tracking checked.


It was time to find out what was going on.
In April 2006 Josh was assessed by an Optometrist, who confirmed he had difficulty moving his eyes from side to side - he physically moved his head, not his eyes, when reading or writing and had difficulty with changing the focus of his eyes.
Josh started a series of daily eye exercises to strengthen his eye muscles, which after three months showed signs of improvement.


Two days later in April 2006, an Educational Psychologist (EP) diagnosed Josh as being dyslexic with a poor short-term auditory memory. His reading comprehension age was 2 years above his age (a great strength) however his spelling age was 2 years below his age. This 4 years disparity was of great concern.


Having digested the news from the EP, the next thought was what now?
The feeling I had was of being at the bottom of a very steep mountain trying to work out what could be done to help; where, when and by whom.
During my quest to find a dyslexia tutor with a vacancy to help Josh cope, I came across the Raviv Practitioner, Helen Herman, who was offering more than coping strategies – she was offering an approach that could help Josh overcome, not just cope with, his learning difficulties. 


I researched the Raviv Method and after much soul-searching thought: what have I got to lose?
There was nothing to lose and everything to gain with the hope of helping my son.
With a positive mindset I took the leap and Josh agreed to start the Raviv Programme in July 2006 at the start of the school summer holidays.
He did his exercises EVERY DAY and ENJOYED doing them because he was so determined to help himself.


The first indication of tangible improvement was at the beginning of September 2006 when Josh won the award at his cricket club for the “Most Improved Player of the Season!!”
His coach said, "it was the easiest award to give as Josh's game and overall sportsmanship had improved dramatically!"


I was delighted, I had no doubt the improvements had come from the motor skills training he'd been practising on the Raviv programme.
Josh's self-esteem and self confidence started to soar and I watched him go from strength to strength.


Josh had a new Individual Education Plan (IEP) when he returned to school in September 2006, to reflect recommendations made by the Educational Psychologist and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at school.


Six weeks later in mid October at the parents' evening, his class teacher had to scrap his whole IEP, as Josh had met all the targets set!!!
Josh completed his Raviv Programme at the end of November 2006, having thoroughly enjoyed it!
Two weeks later at the beginning of December 2006 school had him independently assessed by the Specialist Teaching Service with the following AMAZING results:



Age Related Results April 2006 (EP)

December 2006



Chronological Age 9 yrs 10 mths 10 yrs 6 mths N/A
Word Reading Accuracy Age 8 yrs 10 yrs 6 mths +2 yrs 6 mths
Spelling Age 7 yrs 8 mths 10 yrs 8 mths +3 yrs


The improvement in Josh's all round reading ability has been amazing. It is as if he has had to catch up on reading all the books he struggled with before Raviv.
Following Raviv, Josh was moved to the TOP group for Literacy, second TOP group for Spelling and second TOP group for Numeracy.
Apart from overcoming his learning difficulties academically, Josh has regained his self-esteem and a new found self-confidence.
His organisational abilities have improved dramatically, especially in the morning when getting ready for school!
Homework he now sails through, he no longer spends literally hours working out what to do and then trying to get it down legibly on paper. It just flows.


For us the Raviv Method turned around our lives, it really has been miraculous.
Josh is now achieving the potential that was previously locked inside him.

In September 2013 Josh started at The University of Edinburgh, studying for a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

After graduating, Josh decided to change direction and is currently training with EY.


In July 2011, I started to provide Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, to help with language and literacy skills online, where distance is an obstacle. Read more.

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