Overcoming Learning Difficulties
Overcoming Learning Difficulties 

Fast ForWord Series of Programmes

What is Fast ForWord?

It is a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises designed to produce dramatic language and reading improvements in a variety of student populations by improving memory, attention and processing skills. The Fast ForWord products support existing curriculum—they don't replace it.  When students process more efficiently, every other instructional strategy works better. Students can achieve a one-to-two year gain in reading skills in 8 - 12 weeks.



The Fast ForWord programmes are a proven, evidence-based digital solution that can easily be used at home to rapidly accelerate learning and improve reading and learning skills.  


Practice makes permanent - brains need repeated and intentional practice to master skills and build long-lasting neural pathways. Evidence-based technology like the Fast Forword programmes can provide the necessary practice opportunities, especially for struggling readers.


The Fast ForWord software provides targeted and rigorous practice that sharpens any learner's reading skills, whether they are below, at, or above grade level. 


What benefits might you see after your child starts working on the Fast ForWord programmes?

  • Increased self-esteem 
  • A new excitement towards learning 
  • Better listening and communication skills 
  • Improved ability to follow directions 
  • Improved reading abilities
  • Better academic performance


What you can do to help? 

  • Ensure that your child has good attendance. Success with Fast ForWord requires consistent effort. 
  • Make sure your child knows that you value his/her participation in the programme. Acknowledge their successes!
  • Meet with your child’s teacher to discuss improvements at school.


Targeted Intervention that Strengthens Reading


  • Foundations I (Primary)
  • Elements I & II (Secondary)
  • Foundations II (Primary & Secondary)
  • Reading Readiness
  • Reading Levels 1-3
  • Reading Assistant Plus 


Foundations I & II Scope & Sequence

Results are seen in reading and learning. Fast ForWord strengthens both cognitive and fundamental reading and language skills.

Elements I & II Scope & Sequence

Reading Readiness, Reading Levels 1 - 3 and

NEW Reading Comprehension COMING SOON!

Scope & Sequence


Fast ForWord is based on neuroscience research 

  • Brains can be trained to re-structure (re-wire)
  • "Brain Plasticity" is the ability of the brain to change through experience and learning
  • For the brain to "re-wire", certain conditions must be met, these conditions or "learning principles" have been identified as repetition, adapting to a person’s skill level, motivation and immediate feedback
  • The brain of a struggling reader differs from the brain of a good reader – this has nothing to do with one’s intelligence
  • Brain imaging studies show which areas of the brain activate in normal and struggling readers
  • In struggling readers, critical areas of the brain used for reading are not activated as they are with good readers

Fast ForWord Features

  • Intensive – 5 days/week (until completion, approximately 6 months)
  • Continually adapts to each individual student’s learning needs
  • Integrates learning with fun, interactive computer games
  • Quick, lasting learning gains

Fast ForWord is recommended by speech and language therapists, education psychologists, teachers, medical practitioners, parents, university researchers, neuroscientists, and audiologists.

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